Bagged Coffee

We have Coffee Beans in the café for you to purchase... just pop along with a jar, Tupperware, old coffee bag; basically anything with a lid!  



* If you have ever had coffee in the cafe, this is what you would have been drinking :-) *

BLACKCODE is a great connection of modern, high-quality espresso with flavours typical to coffee.

BLACKCODE is a well-developed, bold, rich medium-roast blend, and is designed to enjoy both as an espresso and with milk. It is accessible for all.



ETHEREUM is a wonderful combination of a seasonal selection of natural processed speciality grade coffees. Currently, we serve Natural Ethiopian Tefera Kebede.

With a nice, bright acidity of stone fruits, sweet vanilla and chocolate notes, we would even recommend ETHEREUM to a true coffee purist.

We would generally suggest enjoying this blend as an espresso or darker filter coffee, but it is so well-balanced that it is just as easy to enjoy in a flat white or milky beverage, too.


If you would like your beans ground please specify for which method: Stove Top, Espresso, Aeropress, V60, French Press etc.


If you are shielding at home and you are in need of coffee - give me a text and I will see if I can do a home delivery for you.

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