COVID-19 MUTUAL AID UK : Chapel End - Fulbourne Road Area

You are NOT alone

If you are unable to leave your home because of the coronavirus and need help, please feel free to Text or call Lisa on 07511290295  to discuss what we can do to help.

We are a group of local residents who are getting together to help out in the community during this time of crisis. We don’t want anything in return and we don’t ask for any money.

Do you need someone to run errands? Or do you just need someone to chat to on the phone to break up your day?



Notes to remember

We are local residents who have offered our time because we care about our neighbours. 

No one from your local support groups will enter your home

No money should be passing hand to hand .

We can only offer help within reason, where possible and in adherence with Governmental health advice.

We will NOT ask for money for any donations. DO NOT give any money, bank cards or any other items of value to people you don’t know.

No one from our community will ask to enter your house to test you for the virus.

We cannot offer any medical advice or assistance. If this is what you need please call NHS on 111 from your telephone. 

Please be aware that many pharmacies can deliver - liaise with your GP or local pharmacy if you have concerns.

For up-to-date governmental advice please check  and the NHS website.